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Sunday, 16 March 2014


I've been going through a bit of a rut lately with my writing. I finished a short story - which I quite enjoyed writing - and then returned to the novel I was working on and had written almost sixty thousand words. I managed to squeeze out a few thousand more words on it but then I went into a bit of a slump with the story. I became bored with the plot, became apathetic towards the characters and generally lost interest in them. This has continued for days. In short, I didn't care about them. I still don't. And if I don't care about them, then the reader won't care about them. Well, that was my logic, not sure if it holds true or not, but that's how I see it. So I've decided, as there's no deadline for the novel, to take a long, long break and move on to other projects for a while. There's a few short story ideas and an idea for a 'cosmic horror' novella flitting around my head, so I'm going to get started on them while the clock ticks down to the release of my novel THE LAST PLAGUE. In other news, I've had a look at the front cover for THE LAST PLAGUE, and it looks brilliant. Thanks to Adam and Zoe at Crowded Quarantine Publications. Can't wait until it's released. *waves goodbye*