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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers.

So, here I am with a cup of coffee in hand while 'Mr Tumble' frolics on the telly in the background and my daughter laughs gaily. But enough of that, because I'm going to tell you about an anthology I'm in, alongside a host of talented writers from the indie horror scene. Seriously, this is the sort of line up that would turn away Rasputin for being 'too nice'. The anthology's called EASTER EGGS AND BUNNY BOILERS, organised and published by horror writer Matt Shaw, who did a great job of bringing everything together and keeping us in line. Nice work, Matt, you did good.

Despite only being released on Sunday, the anthology is already an Amazon bestseller, which is pretty awesome.

I wrote my story 'FELDMAN'S RABBIT' in less than a week, which is pretty quick for me. I think the story came out pretty good, and I certainly enjoyed writing it. It concerns a man named Feldman who, in the midst of a terrible snowstorm, finds shelter in an abandoned house in the depths of the English countryside. But what waits for him in the house is worse than any snowstorm...

The rabbit waits for him...