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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Just a quick post to let you know THE PLAGUE WINTER has received an excellent review over at 2 Book Lovers Reviews. Thanks Greg, it's much appreciated.

I'm very pleased with the initial reaction to the novella, and long may it continue! I hope future readers enjoy it too!

Following the devastating outbreak of an alien virus, Eddie and his young grandson struggle to survive within the wasteland of Great Britain. They live day-to-day, scavenging among the ruins, trying to avoid the deadly infected that now roam the land. But Eddie has other demons to conquer: a longstanding drink problem that needs to be kept in check if he wants to keep both himself and his young charge alive.

When a stranger enters their lives, seeking help, Eddie is forced to make a choice that could alter their lives forever.

THE PLAGUE WINTER is a standalone novella set within the same world as THE LAST PLAGUE and THE LAST OUTPOST.

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